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About This Site

Learning about bioinformatics is a lot like learning about anything else: it can be hard, easy, or in between, depending on how you go about it. However, learning about bioinformatics is intrinsically harder than learning about either computer science or molecular biology, since you need to know a little bit of both. It's not entirely clear how much of each should be considered "optimal", so a student usually learns just enough that the jargon stops being confusing. This is a reasonable approach, but it can take a long time to unravel different concepts in different fields. We're hoping to make that happen a little faster.

It would really be a lot easier to learn about bioinformatics if you could just see lecture notes from different classes, and try out different types of data and the various algorithms that analyze them. We have provided as much data and code as we can, but our time is limited. Contributions (of code, data, ideas, lecture notes, homework problems, practical problems, etc.) are welcome!

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