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Version 0.2
Version 0.1


Hammer is a tool for error correction of short read datasets with non-uniform coverage, such as single-cell data. In particular, Hammer does not make any uniformity assumptions on the distribution of the reads along the genome. It is based on a combination of the Hamming graph build from the set of k-mers and a simple probabilistic model for sequencing errors. The method is fully described in Medvedev, P., Scott, E., Kakaradov, B., Pevzner, P., Error correction of high-throughput sequencing datasets with non-uniform coverage, Bioinformatics (2011) 27 (13): i137-i141.


  • Updated version of Hammer (0.2) is out. It fixes several bugs.

  • First version of Hammer (0.1) is out!

  • Please contact pmedvedev ]at[ cs ]dot[ ucsd dot edu for any comments/questions.

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